About me

There’s more to eating vegan than tofu. Don’t get me wrong…I love tofu…but there’s a whole world of great vegan food. All you have to do is look for it! 😉

My thoughts on food: I choose to follow whole foods vegan diet, but I’m not perfect. I still eat the occasional pastry or faux meat. I prefer to make them at home using less-refined versions of ingredients (ex. evaporated cane juice instead of refined sugar). It’s an imperfect world, so do the best you can! Making a few positive changes to your diet is better than doing nothing at all.

I’ve always loved cooking, although I’ve never taken any formal lessons.  Everything I know is from first-hand experience learning to cook after going vegetarian in high school.  Unfortunately, I was a misinformed vegetarian who ate cheese with most meals as the “protein” of the meal.  I was able to quit the cheese a few years later and my sinuses rejoiced!  And then I had to relearn cooking—vegan style—so I bought a few vegan cookbooks.  Many ingredients seemed super strange at first, but I’ve come to love them! (Nutritional yeast, miso and hemp milk to name a few.)

I’ve also managed to become kind of a cookbook collector.  Currently I have about 30 vegan cookbooks.  Even with so many cookbooks, I can’t always find a recipe for everything I want to make.  That’s why I decided to start a blog.  It’s fun to create my own recipes, and I figured why not blog them?

All the recipes I post on this blog are things I enjoy making and enjoy eating.  If something’s not quite right, I won’t post it until it’s fixed.  I realize that different people have different tastes, so I don’t expect everybody to like everything I make.  But hey, this is just for fun, right?