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The yogurt culture prefers a warm climate (about 110° F). A yogurt maker simply acts as an incubator and keeps the yogurt mixture the correct temperature. You can also use an oven set to 110° F if it goes that low, or do as I did before I bought a yogurt maker and set the oven to the lowest temp and turn it on for a minute or two to warm it up.

Gluten-Free Cooking

While I may not eat a gluten-free diet, I think it’s important to know how to cook gluten-free.  Many people are gluten-intolerant, or have allergies/sensitivities to gluten.  And while most common food allergies, including wheat, are listed on allergy warning labels, items containing gluten are not always labeled as well.  If you’re cooking for someone who eats gluten-free, these sites have some helpful information what items you should avoid.