What does AARP Medicare Advantage Plan cover?


Medicare health plans cover your hospital bills and doctors’ charges. However, Medicare only covers 80 percent of the total expenses; hence, there is still 20 percent of the bill that clients worry about. However, there are Medicare Supplement Plan and Medicare Advantage Plan that can handle the remaining costs. The health care costs will be covered by the client’s Medicare Health Plan and the Supplement Plan or the Advantage Plan.

However, clients can only avail one of which, it is either a Medicare Supplement Plan or Medicare Advantage Plan. These two supplement insurances overlap with some coverage and Medicare does not approve that.

Medicare Advantage Plan

Private insurance companies sell this Advantage Plans, and these health plans are not part of Medicare. However, Medicare authorizes these Advantage Plans since they will be the ones that are responsible for handling the remaining hospital bills and clinic charges. Choosing the most suitable and cheapest Medicare Advantage plan requires critical thinking because differences from each plan bring confusion to people who want to avail health plans.

Characteristics of Medicare Advantage Plan

  • Each Advantage plan offers different sets of benefits, services, and coverage. Many companies sell this advantage plans such as AARP Medicare Advantage
  • Clients or consumers can personalize their advantage plan in such a way that they get to decide which services they need, and which are not.
  • Some companies offer advantage plan that has different benefits and premiums per month compared to the same advantage plan provided by the other companies. This is the tricky part wherein clients should be critical. They should examine how much the certain advantage plan they are going to avail costs and how much the same plan that other companies offer.
  • Medicare Advantage plans also cover Medicare Part C which constitutes to the medical expenses of their clients.


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